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Diafactory Fungal nail test

Five Minute Fungal Nail Tests

Introducing the Five Minute Fungal Nail Test

Discover the revolutionary clinical solution for nail infections that provides accurate results in under 5 minutes!

Say goodbye to the waiting game when visiting your GP, who often requires nail clippings to be sent to an NHS lab for culture and analysis, a process that can take weeks and occasionally yield false-negative outcomes.

Here at The Corner House Foot & Health Clinic, we are excited to offer a swift and remarkably accurate in-clinic test. With a success rate of 97% accuracy, as opposed to the traditional 46% - 54% accuracy of the standard laboratory approach, our new clinical diagnostic test delivers results within just 5 minutes of obtaining a nail sample. Developed in Japan and brought to the UK by esteemed Podiatrist, author, and researcher, Dr. Ivan Bristow, the Five Minute Fungal Nail Test is transforming the diagnosis of fungal nail infections.

Key Features:

  • Swift Results: Receive your test results within minutes while you wait.

  • No Lab Waiting: Avoid the hassle of sending nail clippings to an NHS laboratory.

  • Rapid Outcome: Bypass the wait time of up to 4 weeks for NHS results.

  • Comprehensive Detection: Identify common fungus types from a minimal nail sample.

  • Immediate Diagnosis: Enable prompt treatment without delay.

  • Scientifically Validated: Backed by scientific evidence for reliability and accuracy.

  • What Triggers Fungal Nail Infections?

Fungal nail infections can arise due to:

  • Trauma, such as stubbing toes or nail damage.

  • Improperly fitting footwear with limited toe room.

  • High humidity work environments or active sports.

  • Conditions like diabetes or weakened immune systems.

  • Shared equipment at pedicure and manicure salons.

  • Shared nail polish.

  • The spread of athlete's foot to nails.

Recognising Fungal Nail Infection Symptoms:

  • Discoloration in shades of chalky-white, yellow, or brown.

  • Thickened or distorted nails, potentially becoming painful.

  • Brittle, crumbly, or lost nails.

  • Skin near the nail becomes inflamed and painful.

  • Athlete's foot infection.

  • Itchy feet or foot odor.

  • Potential spread to additional nails and individuals.

  • Psychological impact due to embarrassment.

The Five Minute Fungal Nail Test provides an immediate confirmation of dermatophyte presence, signifying fungal nail infection in a small nail sample. Its accuracy and speed far surpass traditional methods.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Accuracy: The test boasts a 97% accuracy rate, outperforming standalone NHS Culture Testing.

  2. Sample Size: A minute nail specimen suffices due to the test's sensitivity.

  3. Detectable Species: It identifies various dermatophyte types commonly causing fungal nail infections in the UK.

  4. Scientific Validation: Rigorous testing and scientific publications have substantiated its efficacy.

  5. Ongoing Treatment: It remains unaffected by anti-fungal treatments within nail samples, unlike standard NHS testing.

  6. Cost: The test and result confirmation are charged at £40 in addition to the consultation fee.

Make informed decisions about your nail health. Opt for the Five Minute Fungal Nail Test and gain prompt, reliable insights into your condition.

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