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​The Team

Darren Martin Podiatrist

Darren Martin

Senior Podiatrist

Sue Moore Podiatrist

Sue Moore

Senior Podiatrist

Sue qualified with a Diploma in Podiatric Medicine from The Chelsea School of Podiatry in 1981. 

We asked Sue why she chose the field of Podiatry:

"I like working with and helping people."

Outside of work? 

"I enjoy walking and gardening"

Ian Madden

Ian Madden


Ian qualified with a 1st Class BSc with Honours in Podiatry.

We asked Ian why he chose the field of Podiatry:

"Having spent 28 years fixing aircraft I knew I wanted a change of direction, something where I would interact and help people. Becoming a health professional seemed like the logical choice. Podiatry was suggested to me and because of the biomechanics involved, I felt it was a good fit for me."

Outside of work? 

Keep fit




Wendy Hall Podiatrist

Wendy Hall


Wendy qualified as a chiropodist in May 2003.

I started off with a certificate in Chiropody and have progressed to advanced practitioner and fellow of 

The West Midland School of Private Sector Chiropodists.

We asked Wendy why she chose the field of Podiatry:

"Always had an interest in doing it"

Outside of Work:

"Horse riding, Reiki, Tarot, Gardening. For the last 3 years I have been concentrating on a Podiatry degree"


Sarah Melville

Foot Practitioner

Sarah received her BSc in Podiatric Medicine in 2018

We asked Sarah why she chose the field of Podiatry:

"The desire to help people"

Outside of Work:

"My 3 Cats" 

Debbie Sports Therapist

Pauline Walsh 

Sports & Holistic Massage

Pauline qualified as a Sport Massage Therapist in 2004

Diploma anatomy physiology

Diploma anatomy and physiology

Diploma in sports massage

Diploma reflexology

Diploma aroma therapy

Diploma holistic therapies

Reiki level one two and three.

Diploma in counselling

Diploma in couples counselling

Diploma in CBT

"I love working with people on a one-to-one. I love helping people achieve their goal in life"

Outside of Work:

"Cooking, Swimming, Exercise, History, Sightseeing, Reading"

Carol Fleet

Carol Fleet


Shirley Shakesby


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