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Verrucae Treatments

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Verrutop treatment

Verrucae are highly prevalent and are encountered by a majority of individuals at some point in their lives. Although many verrucae naturally vanish without intervention, numerous patients seek treatment due to prolonged duration, aesthetic concerns, discomfort, or interference with physical activities.


Treatment alternatives encompass:


Verrucae needling: Initially introduced by Falknor in 1969, this technique capitalizes on a controlled inflammatory response that stimulates the immune system to combat the HPV virus.


Salicylic acid paints and gels: Available in varying strengths, salicylic acid removes outer dead skin layers, triggering the immune system's clearance of the virus. Application involves soaking feet in warm water, gently removing thickened skin with a pumice stone or emery board, and applying the treatment to the wart.


Cryotherapy: Utilizing liquid nitrogen, cryotherapy freezes warts, potentially requiring shaving of thicker warts for effective penetration. Painful and potentially causing blisters, this method may need repetition every few weeks.


Verrutop, classified as a Class IIa Medical Device, is now being offered by The Corner House Foot and Health Clinic  for specialised application by our Podiatrists and  Healthcare Professionals. To access more details, kindly contact  us  by phone or send an email.


It's important to note that Verrutop is not intended for personal use by the general public. This is due to the fact that challenging warts and verrucae necessitate the expertise of specialists to properly prepare the treatment area before administration.


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Verrutop presents a novel approach to wart treatment. Diverging from methods such as Cryotherapy or other chemical treatments, Verrutop doesn't rely on freezing or burning the tissue. Instead, it alters the viral protein structure and dehydrates the wart tissue, allowing it to naturally detach from the skin and reveal healthy skin beneath.



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