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Foot Orthoses 

Orthotics, specifically foot orthoses, offer effective treatment for alleviating pain caused by foot issues, joint discomfort, or mobility constraints. By adjusting movements and redistributing pressure, these orthotic solutions enhance functionality, facilitating the healing process for injured structures.

Custom Insoles

What are foot Orthoses

Foot orthoses, also known as orthotics, are customised shoe inserts or devices crafted to provide support and enhance foot posture. These specialized inserts, including ankle-foot braces, offer significant benefits by aiding in the support of your feet. Incorporating foot orthoses into your treatment regimen can be highly beneficial, particularly in addressing chronic overuse injuries, alleviating discomfort, and rectifying biomechanical issues that impact your posture and walking gait.

What do Orthoses do?

What are the benefits of having orthoses fitted?


Foot orthoses serve to modify walking and running patterns while redistributing pressure across the feet to enhance overall function. By doing so, they facilitate the healing process of injured structures and provide relief from various discomforts, including foot, heel, ankle, leg, and back pain.

The benefits of having orthoses fitted are numerous and impactful, especially after a gait analysis reveals issues with standing, walking, or running mechanics.

Custom orthoses provide relief from discomfort associated with conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bursitis, arthritis, and diabetes, effectively alleviating aches and pains.

Moreover, orthoses offer crucial support and redistribute pressure, thereby reducing stress on joints. This not only aids in preventing further damage to feet, joints, and the back but also promotes improved overall foot health and mobility.

What should I expect after my orthoses fitting?

After your orthoses fitting, expect personalised guidance from your podiatrist regarding the usage duration and frequency of your orthoses, as this may vary based on individual needs.

Additionally, your podiatrist might suggest supplementary measures such as specific exercises, physiotherapy sessions, or other podiatry treatments tailored to address your concerns effectively. This comprehensive approach ensures a holistic treatment plan aimed at maximizing the benefits of your orthoses and enhancing your overall foot health and mobility.

Sports injury care is essential for athletes of all levels, from amateurs to professionals, as injuries can disrupt training and competition, causing frustration and pain.

At our facility, we provide a diverse array of self-pay treatment options tailored to expedite your recovery process. Our goal is to facilitate your return to the sports you love by offering comprehensive care and support throughout your rehabilitation journey.

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