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LimbO Waterproof Protectors Dressing Cover - Adult Foot Shower Cover for Bandages and Light Dressings (M20: 20-25 cm Ankle Circ.)

About this item

Ideal for keeping your light dressing or bandage dry (not suitable for bulky dressings or plaster casts). The LimbO waterproof cover utilises a reinforced neoprene seal which prevents water leakage, allowing you to shower with confidence.

Used extensively within the NHS and by healthcare professionals worldwide. Your LimbO is made here in the UK and is compliant with the highest quality standards.

Comfortable and non-constrictive design, your waterproof protector can be used by patients with circulatory issues. Made from a durable material, perfect to assist long-term recovery such as during the treatment of diabetic foot ulcers and following toe surgery.

Simple and easy to use, your foot protector has a flexible seal and is completely self supporting, allowing you to apply and remove the cover with ease.

Easy sizing and fit - just measure your ankle circumference in centimetres. Your waterproof protector can be used on both the left and right ankles and easily fits both men and women. For shoe sizes larger than 11 (UK) 45 (EU) we recommend using our half leg products instead. (PLEASE MEASURE THE LARGEST PART OF YOUR DRESSING TO ENSURE THAT THE SEAL WILL FIT OVER IT - MAXIMUM STRETCH: 33 CM).

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